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Mairi Rothman, CNM presenting at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on Homebirth in Maryland on July 20, 2011 in Baltimore

Presenting alongside Eugene Declercq, PhD on Homebirth & Public Health in Maryland.

Homebirth midwives serving Maryland or just over the Maryland state line:

(LM - licensed midwife, CPM - certified professional midwife, CNM - certified nurse-midwife) 

The following midwives work either in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, D.C., or in Delaware just over the Maryland state line.

Nannette Jenkins, CNM --

Mairi Rothman, CNM --  

Erin Fulham, CNM --   

Susan Dodge, CNM --  

Mary McLane, CNM --

Birth Care Midwives (CNMs) --

Many other homebirth midwives serve the Maryland area.  However, recently the State of Maryland has launched an attack on our midwives in an attempt to shut down homebirth midwifery options as we now know it.  The State has recently passed legislation that allows Certified Nurse Midwives to get licensed without having to find an obstetrician willing to sign his/her name on their collaborative agreement but the midwife still has to find an OB willing to put his/her name on that agreement just without a signature and that is not easy to come by.  Also, the State has thus far failed to regulate or license Certified Professional Midwives.  Additionally, the Board of Nursing has passed legislation to go after our homebirth midwives and the Board of Physicians has launched investigations into our Certified Professional Midwives so far charging two with "practicing medicine without a license". 

Our Maryland midwives are committed to homebirth families but due to this uncooperative, negative political climate most of Maryland homebirth midwives are forced to practice underground.  Contact your legislators to change Maryland laws to remove the barriers to homebirth midwives so all of them can one day be listed here. 

Women and families in Maryland have the right to birth at home unassisted, with a midwife or a physician licensed or not.  If you would like to get involved in creating more options for homebirth in Maryland, please visit and  A bill was introduced as a first step - HB 1056 - in the 2012 legislative session in Annapolis.  MFSB was hoping to continue this effort by introducing another bill in 2013.  Get involved to support this effort to license CPMs so we can openly list all homebirth midwives here!

Are you a midwife who would like to be added to this list?  Please send your name, credentials and web site/email to

Birth Centers

A birth center is a home-like setting filled with warm, caring professionals working to create family-centered care that is safe with a respectful approach.  Midwives (and some doctors), nurses, birth assistants strive to balance the human touch with technology to meet the woman's needs in pregnancy, during and after birth.  Birth centers work closely with their physician back-ups and transferring hospital(s) to provide continuity of care if medical care outside of the scope of the birth center is warranted.  Birth centers are covered by most health insurance plans making birth out-of-hospital just as affordable as birth in-hospital.  Birth center providers practice the Midwives Model of Care using a wellness and holistic care approach to pregnancy, birth and well woman care. 

 To find a birth center or if you are interested in opening a birth center in your area, visit:

Birth Centers in and surrounding Maryland:

Special Beginnings Birth & Women's Center -- -- Arnold, MD (Anne Arundel County):  SBBC is the only freestanding birth center in Maryland.  It is located 5 minutes from the AAMC hospital.  Midwives at SBBC have full privileges and comanage care with any clients needing hospital care.

Bay Area Midwifery Center -- -- Annapolis, MD (Anne Arundel County):  Bay Area Midwifery is a hospital campus birth center attached to AAMC hospital by a long corridor.  It is not a physical part of the hospital's Labor & Delivey ward though.

Seasons of Life Women's Health & Birth Center -- -- Takoma Park, MD:  SOLBC will be located on the campus of Washington Adventist Hospital which is scheduled to relocate in 2014.  Visit their web site to support the opening of another Maryland birth center!


Birth Care & Women's Health -- -- Alexandria, VA:  BC operates a freestanding birth center and a homebirth practice and is staffed by CNMs.  It is right on the VA/Maryland state line at the bottom of the D.C. 495 Beltway and is 1 hour 10 minutes from Baltimore City, MD.

NOVA Natural Birth Center -- -- Chantilly, VA:  NOVA BC is a freestanding birth center that is brand new and staffed by CPMs.  It is about 15 miles from the Maryland state line and nearly 1.5 hours from Baltimore City, MD and 45 minutes from Rockville, MD.


Birth Care & Family Health Service -- -- Bart, PA:  BC of PA is a freestanding birth center staffed by CNMs.  It is about 15 miles from the Maryland state line and a 1.5 hour drive from Baltimore City, MD.


The Birth Center: Holistic Women's Health Care -- -- Wilmington, DE:  TBC of DE is a freestanding birth center staffed by CNMs.  It is about 15 miles from the Maryland state line and a 1.5 hour drive from Baltimore City, MD.


Family Health and Birth Center -- -- Washington, D.C.:  FHBC is a freestanding birth center staffed by CNMs.  It is just over the Maryland state line inside the DC 495 beltway and is a 53 minute drive to Baltimore City, MD.